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COVERED ELECTRODE (MMA / SMAW) Archives - บริษัท ลิงค์เวลด์ (ประเทศไทย) จำกัด

Covered Electrode (SMAW, MMAW) – Similar to stick electrode. A filler metal electrode used in arc welding. It consisting of bare metal cored electrode with a covering with flux such as cellulose, titania, sodium binders. By the way, some type of flux has metallic addition to improve the weld bead properties. Heat from the arc serve the molten metal and generate covering gases by decomposing of flux to prevent weld bead contact with atmosphere. The decomposing of flux also produces slag to protect weld bead while cooling.

AWS A5.1 : E6013
EN ISO 2560-A : E 35 0 R  
JIS Z 3211 : E4313

AWS A5.1 : E7016
EN ISO 2560-A : E 42 3 B
JIS Z 3211 : E4916

AWS A5.1 : E7018
EN ISO 2560-A : E 42 3 B
JIS Z 3211 : E4918



AWS A5.1 : E7016-H4R
EN ISO 2560-A : E 38 4 B 42 H5
EN ISO 2560-B : E 49 16 A U H5



AWS A5.1 : E7018-H4R
EN ISO 2560-A : E 42 3 B 42 H5 
EN ISO 2560-B : E 49 18 A U H5 

AWS A5.5  E8018-C1 H4R

AWS A5.5 E8018-B2 H4

AWS A5.5 E8018-B2 H4

AWS A5.5  E9018-B3 H4 R

AWS A5.5   E8018-B6 H4R

AWS A5.5  E8018-B8 H4

AWS A5.5   E9015-B91 H4


Covered Electrodes LKE-E10018-G E10018-G

AWS A5.5 E10018-G

EN EN757 E 62 5 Mn2NiMo B 3 2

JIS Z 3212 D7016

AWS A5.5 E308L-17

AWS A5.4  E316L-17

AWS A5.4  E309L-17

AWS A5.4 E347-15

AWS A5.11 ENiCrFe-3

AWS A5.5 : E8016-G

AWS A5.5 : E9016-G

AWS A5.4 : E308L

AWS A5.4 : E309L

AWS A5.4 : E309LMo

AWS A5.4 : E310

AWS A5.4 : E312

AWS A5.4 : E316L

AWS A5.4 : E318

AWS A5.4 : E347

AWS A5.4 : E2209

AWS A5.15 : ENi-CI
EN ISO 1071 : E C Ni-CI 1

AWS A5.15 : ENiFe-CI
EN ISO 1071 : E C NiFe-CI 1

AWS A5.11 : ENiCrFe-3
EN ISO 14172 : E Ni 6182
JIS Z 3224 : DNiCrFe-3

AWS A5.11 : ENiCrMo-3
EN ISO 14172 : E Ni 6625
JIS Z 3224 : DNiCrMo-3

AWS A5.11 : ENiCrMo-4
EN ISO 14172 : E Ni 6276
JIS Z 3224 : DNiCrMo-4

AWS A5.11 : ENiCu-7
EN ISO 14172 : E Ni 4060
JIS Z 3224 : DNiCu-7

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