1st Thai-Owned Training Center in China

Linkweld Industries and Jinan Dowell Laser Forge ASEAN’s Laser Expertise with Landmark Joint Venture

Bangkok, Thailand – June 24th 2024 – Linkweld Industries Co., Ltd. (Linkweld), a leader in laser manufacturing solutions, and Jinan Dowell Photoelectricity Equipment Co., Ltd. (Dowell), a respected Chinese laser machine manufacturer, today announced a groundbreaking joint venture.
This strategic partnership, with Linkweld holding a majority stake of 55%, establishes a cornerstone for advancing laser technology expertise across ASEAN. The centerpiece of this collaboration is creating an advanced 20,000-square-meter production and training center in Jinan, China, and Research & Development (R&D) in Bangkok, Thailand.
Unveiling the Future of Laser Training in ASEAN
This industry-defining training center will empower laser technicians and engineers across Thailand and Southeast Asia with the most advanced knowledge and practical skills. Customers will gain a significant edge through the following:
Unmatched Curriculum: Dive deep into a comprehensive suite of courses encompassing the entire laser machine spectrum, from operation and maintenance to intricate programming. The curriculum caters to all experience levels, nurturing both novice and seasoned professionals.
World-Class Instructors: Renowned experts with unparalleled experience in laser technology spearhead the training sessions, ensuring in-depth knowledge transfer.
Immersive Learning Experience: The expansive facility boasts cutting-edge laser machinery, allowing participants to bridge the gap between theory and practical application through hands-on training.
Revolutionizing the ASEAN Laser Landscape
Linkweld and Dowell’s commitment to establishing this unparalleled training center goes beyond just education. They aim to:
Bridge the Laser Talent Gap: The joint venture directly addresses the critical shortage of skilled laser professionals in ASEAN. By nurturing a competent workforce, businesses can unlock the full potential of laser technology and propel themselves toward a future of growth and innovation.
Unparalleled Customer Support: The center transforms into a hub for exceptional technical support, guaranteeing customers receive prompt and comprehensive assistance with their laser machines, maximizing uptime and productivity.

Collaborative Innovation Hub: The integrated R&D facilities within the center foster a collaborative environment where Linkweld, Dowell, and regional partners can synergize to develop cutting-edge laser solutions that cater to the specific needs of ASEAN industries.

“We are thrilled to partner with Jinan Dowell to foster a collaborative environment that favors knowledge sharing and accelerates the advancement of laser technology in Southeast Asia. This joint venture will not only bridge the skills gap in our region but also position ASEAN as a key player in the global laser landscape,” said Oraya Wungsri, CEO/President of Linkweld Thailand.

“This joint venture represents a pivotal advancement in laser technology expertise across ASEAN. The establishment of the region’s advanced R&D and training center underscores our dedication to innovation and excellence. We are confident that this facility will not only address the skills gap but also catalyze a new era of growth and technological progress for industries throughout Southeast Asia,” Peter Huang, CEO of Jinan Dowell Photoelectricity Equipment Co., Ltd.
About Linkweld Industries Co., Ltd.
Linkweld Industries is a preeminent provider of laser manufacturing solutions, offering a comprehensive portfolio of laser machines, exceptional after-sales support, and unparalleled technical expertise. The company is dedicated to empowering businesses with innovative laser technology solutions that unlock new levels of efficiency and productivity.
About Jinan Dowell Photoelectricity Equipment Co., Ltd.
Jinan Dowell Photoelectricity Equipment Co., Ltd. is a highly respected Chinese manufacturer of laser machines. The company leverages cutting-edge technology and a dedication to quality to deliver high-performance laser solutions that cater to a wide range of industrial applications.
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